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John Hamling

Senior Research Manager
Oil & Gas, EOR, & Unconventional Resources,

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John A. Hamling is Assistant Director for Integrated Projects at the EERC where he brings scientific and engineering innovation to field demonstrations. A major objective in this role is to catalyze and implement pioneering solutions that facilitate the prudent development and use of fossil energy. One of his primary focuses is to advance the commercial application of geologic CO2 utilization and improved oil recovery in both conventional and unconventional oil plays. Mr. Hamling is also an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Petroleum Engineering at UND.

Mr. Hamling's experience includes the design, implementation, and oversight of surface, near-surface, deep subsurface, and reservoir characterization and surveillance programs for commercial geologic CO2 storage and enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Mr. Hamling has led efforts that have resulted in the development, proof-of concept and validation of several improved monitoring techniques applicable to both dedicated and associated geologic CO2 storage and to EOR applications. Other experience includes well-logging principals and applications, well drilling, well completions, wellbore integrity, risk assessment, logistics, well stimulation and enhanced recovery in tight oil plays, and health, safety, and environmental programs.

Mr. Hamling has served as project manager, principal investigator, and task lead for several multiyear, multimillion-dollar research and demonstration projects. He leads an adaptive multidisciplinary team that includes geophysics, data analytics, operations, and reservoir surveillance. Activities encompass both contract research as well as several strategic partnership programs between the state of North Dakota, the U.S. Department of Energy, and private industry designed to propel the development and implementation of approaches that benefit practical energy development.

Mr. Hamling has more than a decade of combined experience in unconventional oil and gas development, EOR, and carbon capture, utilization, and storage. He holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of North Dakota. Prior to joining the EERC, Mr. Hamling worked as a Reservoir Evaluation Engineer with Schlumberger. He has served as a section officer and board member for the Williston Basin Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers since 2012.